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Tim Kafer

Tim Kafer has coached over 25 years of youth baseball. He has worked with players at the college level, High School and youth players. Tim invented the ThrowMAX to help players throw properly and to help them to avoid arm injury and to keep them in the game. Too many players quit baseball because they can not throw.

Coach Grant told me of the times when he and his dad went to a new town to play or watch a baseball game. To find the diamond they always looked for the light poles around the field. He described a feeling of electric anticipation, a thrill, every time.

After all the years and hundreds of baseball diamonds, after more than 25 years of coaching and working as a professional scout, he still gets the thrill of seeing the light poles as he drives up to a baseball field.

All of us have that passion for the game and it is that passion we hope to convey to you through these pages.